HUGE Milestone for Small Business

The hard-working team at Pfefferkorn Engineering & Environmental is taking a moment to CELEBRATE.  We crossed a huge threshold as a small company.  For TWO years now our signature compass and pencil hallmark has represented top notch engineering and environmental service for the Kansas City region and beyond.

“To look back and see how far we’ve come is incredible.  We continually see new growth opportunities and are fired up to pursue them.”  – Kate Pfefferkorn-Mansker, PE

Our portfolio is now packed with specialty structural design, custom stormwater management solutions, traffic design improvements among other fine services.   It goes beyond deliverables.  The peace of mind from solid technical support is what our clients expect and appreciate most.  The team is poised for growth and ready to meet the needs and challenges of current and future clients.

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Building of the Year


Pfefferkorn Engineering & Environmental is the engineer of choice for nationally recognized post-frame builders.  PE2 provided the engineering and structural oversight for a masterpiece structure in beautiful eastern Kansas.  The building went on to receive national recognition from the National Frame Builders Association for Building of the Year.  This building took the top honor in the hobby shop category of the Masters Division.  The Masters division is reserved for elite builders at the top of their game.  This recognition comes at a time when landowners and business owners are capitalizing on the versatility of post frame structures.  Furthermore they are creating aesthetic structures to compliment impressive estates and campuses.   Contact PE2 today to partner with an engineering firm experienced in taking design to a nationally recognized level.


Engineering Thanksgiving


Being an engineering firm, we approach most things in an analytical manner.  Usually as a virtue though sometimes to a fault.  Thanksgiving is no exception!  Calculating the amounts and portions of food needed to accommodate the number of expected guests and add a percentage for the unexpected, followed by the beverages, seating, etc.  As engineers, we take all scenarios into consideration.  This is exactly how we approach our clients’ needs as well.

Pfefferkorn Engineering & Environmental would like to take this time to express our gratitude to not only to our clients, but also friends and family.  Your support and trust is of utmost importance to us and provides us with the ability to reciprocate.

Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving!

Birthday Gratitude



It is with utmost gratitude that we at Pfefferkorn Engineering and Environmental reflect on the past year and look forward to the coming years.  PE2 has had many successes and learning opportunities in the last twelve months.  Our brand has continued to grow and strengthen with each completed project.  We thank our tremendously talented, dedicated and professional staff for persevering and looking out for our clients.  Special appreciation also to our repeat clients to continue to partner with a reliable professional organization.

What a Year!

In the last year we have designed specialty bridges, modeled storm water runoff, assessed sites for environmental liabilities, inspected massive road construction operations, tested soil, concrete and asphalt materials in the field and continued to support the communities in which we serve.  We are honored to have served growing municipalities, successful contractors and private developers.  In addition we are humbled to have partnered with other professional service providers to accomplish great endeavors.  In the coming year we look forward to serving an even wider geography with increased services from our environmental department as well as continuing to add certifications benefitting our clients.

Attitude of Gratitude

THANK YOU to the tremendous clients who continue to engage our services and to the people who make up our bright organization.  You continue to improve and impress.  Happy Birthday, PE2!  We are excited to serve our current and future clients for many more years to come.

Roots Run Deep


True problem solvers will never be out of a job.  As long as Earth spins and there are humans living on it, problems are inevitable.  The many complexities intertwined with countless details: Where does one start?

Think Like Toyota

Root cause analysis is a methodical cause-and-effect investigation.  These investigations outline the known details of a problem.  In doing so, the goal is for solution ideas to be uncovered somewhere in the upstream causes.    There are a few well-documented root cause analysis methods that paved the way for problem solving.  Engineering professor Kaoru Ishikawa initiated the movement with a fishbone diagram in 1968.  This diagram provides a branch for each area of the overall process like people, materials, equipment.  Each branch then feeds to a central line directed towards the effect or output.  This is one of the tools utilized by manufacturers, like Toyota, to drive out defects.

Additionally, the 5 Whys approach is simple six-box schematic depicting the cause-and-effect chain.  The idea is to start with the end effect as box 1 and in each subsequent box answer “Why?”  However, the 5-Whys approach is often too simplistic.  One effect can be the result of two interacting causes.  The disadvantage of the fishbone diagram is that multi-person team investigations teams usually turn the diagram into a tangled web of details.  The result resembles spaghetti noodles weaving around each other.  No clear solution.  Details overlapping.

Master Problem Solver

At PE2 we use the brilliant cause mapping approach perfected by ThinkReliability.  This approach starts with the 5 Whys approach but masterfully incorporates the branched dynamics of the fishbone diagram.  Teams or individuals can effortlessly sort details as causes, evidence, solutions or impacts to goals onto a branched schematic.  Intuitively this schematic also that clearly depicts how the causes are related or affected by each other.

Take for example a mechanical failure of a sheared bolt.  Now one person might say, “Well the bolt wasn’t strong enough.”  Another might say, “But it was the force applied that was too great.  The bolt was fine.”  Realistically it was the combination of the excessive force AND the inadequate bolt strength that led to the failure.  What ThinkReliability did was create an organized approach to cataloging the details of a problem in such a way that solutions are readily apparent.  Root cause analysis at its finest and most effective.

This is just one of the many strategies PE2 uses to bring about the most effective solutions to your engineering or environmental needs.  Contact us today to partner with a team of trained problem solvers.

KansasWorks in Action

Kansas Works in Action

Our hats off to the KansasWorks program.  We have utilized their program to place key individuals within our organization.  Visit our PE2 Facebook page where we have posted our video feature for KansasWorks.  You can also click the Facebook icon at the top left top of this page.

KansasWorks works for Pfefferkorn Engineering & Environmental!