Sustained by Design

First it was an interesting concept.  Then it morphed into a notable consideration.  Sure enough, it became a bona fide professional certification.  Now it is a full-flown career path.  Sustainability.  Continued human habitat on the physical earthen landscape.

Sustainability Degrees & Rising

Within the last decade, academic institutes offered courses in sustainability topics.  Now entering freshman at several universities can pursue a Bachelor of Science in Sustainability.  This is the time when employers say, “Sounds neat.  But what do I expect of a sustainability graduate?”  Biological systems engineers and computer engineers experienced a similar phenomenon.  Explaining to employers how to utilize their hard-earned skills in a traditional work force.  Yet where there is need, the fit comes organically.

Designing for Longevity

The earth’s atmosphere, landscape and biological systems are continually in flux.  However, the steep incline of that exponential curve is within sight.  Tilt the atmospheric norms a smidge and see how well 1960’s design criteria hold up for changing conditions.  It is time to reassess infrastructure assumptions.  Pfefferkorn’s engineers approach infrastructure design for the long term as well as the changes ahead.  Partner with PE2 to give your infrastructure design solid footing for sustained communities.

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