PE&E-More than Just a Box Checker

PE&E More than just Box CheckersA site supervisor gave Pfefferkorn Engineering and Environmental (PE&E) one of its best complements last week. He said, “You guys don’t just check the boxes! We hired you for an inspection and we thought we would get the standard person with a clipboard, pen and paper with check mark boxes and instead, Kate came out and really inspected. She looked beyond the expected check marks and really made sure we were safe and doing things the right way. She made recommendations that ended up saving us some money and possible heartache down the road.” He went on to iterate about how refreshing it was to have someone who recognized the possible repercussions and costs to a job done incorrectly.

Inspections should be more than just checking the boxes. No one person can see all. Having another set of eyes on a project can help find inefficiencies, reinforce good plans and correct unsafe behavior or practices. If all you want is someone to just “check the boxes” PE&E is not your firm. PE&E is interested in safety and desires to improve the quality of construction. Utilizing our years of engineering and inspection experience, we can interpret contract plans and specifications; project record keeping and reporting; construction surveying; field inspection and testing procedures, techniques, and equipment; and supervisory techniques, and help you make the right decisions.  We have the knowledge to understand what is required within the documents, plans, and ultimately provide the best solutions to any issues that would arise at the construction site.  We can use our knowledge and training to help find answers that aren’t always in the plans.

Our inspection and permit services include but are not limited to:

  • Structural Analysis and Inspection
  • Asphalt Inspection
  • Concrete Inspection
  • Drilled Shaft Inspection
  • Construction Inspection
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Planning and Inspection
  • Storm Water & Sanitary Sewer Inspection
  • Hydrological Investigation & Planning
  • Geomorphic Fluvial System Analyses
  • Floodplain Development Permitting
  • Flood Prevention Restoration of Levees
  • Section 404 Clean Water Act Permitting

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