Inspections are Good

Inspection is good

“The Inspector is coming!” Not always welcome words for the project manager of a construction site.  However, at Pfefferkorn Engineering and Environmental (PE&E) this signals a good thing. The inspector is a “double check”, a safety step to make sure the job is being done correctly and to help avoid possible costly mistakes. Our intent is not to punish and fine, but rather to identify possible faults and recommend solutions that are beneficial to all involved.

No one is perfect and having another set of eyes on a project can make a good thing even better. PE&E is interested in safety and desires to improve the quality of construction. Utilizing our years of engineering and inspection experience, we can interpret contract plans and specifications; project record keeping and reporting; construction surveying; field inspection and testing procedures, techniques, and equipment; and supervisory techniques, and help you make the right decisions. We have the knowledge to understand what is required within the documents, plans, and ultimately provide the best solutions to any issues that would arise at the construction site. We can use our knowledge and training to help find answers that aren’t always in the plans.

Construction Inspectors carry a lot of responsibility. We want to see your construction succeed and to see that success happen in a safe, efficient manner. Our construction inspectors:

  • Use survey instruments and other equipment
  • Inspect structural, concrete and foundations
  • Keep detailed records
  • Review and interpret plans, blueprints, and specifications
  • Take measurements of structures
  • Issue notifications of possible issues to property owners / contractors
  • Recommend ways to resolve any problematic issues / violations

It’s always good practice to have some accountability on a construction site. Informing everyone on your project site that the PE&E inspectors will be coming to review their work can help keep everyone on track. Contact us to arrange for an assessment of your CI needs.





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