Core Sampling- More than Just Dirt Play

Core sample pic

We admit it. Pfefferkorn Engineering and Environmental (PE&E) likes to play in the dirt. We were the kids at recess playing in the sand box. There is something therapeutic about running sand between your fingers, building tunnels in the mud and sifting through dirt… not to mention building castles and tearing them down.

Now that we are all grown up, we do more than just “play” in the dirt. Core samples are an excellent tool for construction, civil road and bridge developers and environmentalists to figure out what the properties of a particular section of ground are and how they will react to certain developments.

According to encyclopedia Brittanica , a core sample is a roughly cylindrical piece of subsurface material removed by a special drill and brought to the surface for examination. Such a sample is needed to ascertain bulk properties of underground rock, such as its porosity and permeability, or to investigate the peculiar features of a given zone of strata (e.g., to compare strata at a given level with those known to bear oil or gas).

According to Wikipedia most core samples are obtained by drilling with special drills into the substance, for example sediment or rock, with a hollow steel tube called a core drill. The hole made for the core sample is called the “core bowling”. A variety of core samplers exist to sample different media under different conditions. More continue to be invented on a regular basis. In the coring process, the sample is pushed more or less intact into the tube. Removed from the tube in the laboratory, it is inspected and analyzed by different techniques and equipment depending on the type of data desired.

Core samples can be taken to test the properties of man made materials, such as concrete, ceramics, some metals and alloys, especially the softer ones. Core samples can also be taken of living things, including human beings, especially of a person’s bones for microscopic examination to help diagnose diseases.

Do you need professional “dirt work”? Environmental analysis? Contact Pfefferkorn Engineering and Environmental for an assessment of your needs and a demonstration of our capabilities. Let us play…. No… strike that…. Professionally Work in the dirt.




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