Shaping Up at PE&E

PE&E shaping up


2016 is shaping up to be a good year for Pfefferkorn Engineering and Environmental. PE&E has positioned our company to serve contractors participating in roadway, bridge, infrastructure development as well as cities, counties and the department of transportation in the KC Metro area and surrounding areas for those same sectors (roadways, bridges, infrastructure development). We provide bridge construction designs, construction inspection services as well as regulatory compliance services.

We also offer the same services to the South Eastern Kansas, Central Kansas and Leavenworth areas.

Our regulatory compliance and environmental department also services industrial facilities of any sector. We are well versed in SWPPP’s requirements and solutions. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Structural Analysis and Inspection
  • Asphalt Inspection
  • Concrete Inspection
  • Drilled Shaft Inspection
  • Soils Field Testing
  • Construction Inspection
  • Construction Engineering
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Site Assessments, Phase I and II
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Planning and Inspection
  • Sediment and Erosion Control
  • Storm Water & Sanitary Sewer Inspection
  • Hydrological Investigation & Planning
  • Stream Stabilization
  • Geomorphic Fluvial System Analyses
  • Hydraulic Structure Design
  • Floodplain Development Permitting
  • Flood Prevention Restoration of Levees
  • Quality Control Management
  • Section 404 Clean Water Act Permitting
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Wetland Restoration & Habitat Rehabilitation

We’re very excited about how this year is shaping up and are looking forward to helping many projects succeed. Contact us for your engineering needs assessment and tap into our Engineering and Environmental Excellence.

Culture Won the World Series

culture won the world series

Pfefferkorn Engineering and Environmental is excited that baseball season has begun for the year 2016. The Kansas City Royals are the World Champions of MLB for 2015. After watching the parade following and the 800,000 who attended, plus the ring ceremony and the raising of the flag, many people are predicting that this year that they will repeat the Championship.


But PE&E believes that the reason they won and will continue is not because of fan support. It’s nice to have and it is a great benefit and result, however it is not the driving factor. The real reason the Royals won and should continue their winning ways is CULTURE


Dayton Moore, the General Manager of Major League Baseball’s Kansas City Royals spoke in August, 2015 on leadership. He took the management reigns over 8 years ago with the goal of turning the losing Royals club around. His major points:


A change was required. A change that involved building a culture of winning and the ability to see it through. We put the right people in place starting with the leadership team.

  • There will be no compromise. No exceptions to the culture. All players and staff members have to have moral principles. Your habits off the field leak into your professional life.
  • Every person in the organization has to have a passion for what you do.
  • There must be a desire to compete AND a desire to keep learning. Everyone must be open to new ideas and new ways to accomplish goals.
  • Unity comes from the great work of ALL of the staff.


Pfefferkorn Engineering and Environmental salutes Dayton Moore and the World Champion Kansas City Royals. We believe that continuing the steadfast emphasis on Culture will lead to a winning season once again. Achieving greatness starts and ends with culture.  We plan on implementing the same attitude of a winning culture throughout our organization.

5 Reasons the Young Engineer is Needed on the Team

5 reasons the young engineer is needed

At Pfefferkorn Engineering and Environmental we form our teams with people of various levels of experience and age. While having the seasoned veteran with many years of experience is a plus, we also recognize there are benefits of having a new perspective on the job.

Using new talent has these five benefits:

  • Technology advancements

Coming into the engineering world fresh out of school or just having been certified means that the latest technological advancements have been learned and are able to be used by the young engineer.

  • Energy towards project coordination

The young engineer brings energy and new communication techniques that can accelerate completion of a project and lead to better coordination among team members.

  • Adaptive, particularly to code and specification changes

A young engineer is not set in their “ways” since they have no “way” to begin with. “We’ve always done it this way” is not something a newbie says or thinks. New codes and specs get followed because past experiences are not existent.

  • Fresh perspective

A young engineer does not have a “box” in her/his head. Much of the learning process is about how to examine a problem and come up with a solution that works. The young mind is open to fresh solutions and is not limited by past constraints.

  • Modern education integrates more cross-discipline exchanges

The newly educated engineer is cross trained in several disciplines and learns during the typical five years of engineering school how to work with and respect all engineering fields. It’s not a competition between disciplines, it’s a cooperative effort with the end goal being a high quality well engineered result.


Pfefferkorn Engineering and Environmental (PE&E) combines the experience of veteran engineers with the exuberance and fresh perspective of young engineers and students of the craft into one cohesive firm. Contact us for all of your engineering needs and get the best of the best.


Engineer’s Holiday = St. Patrick’s Day


We are going to let you in on a little secret. Engineers. Love. Saint Patrick. We don’t just observe St. Paddy’s Day, we observe the entire week. Why is it that engineers pay homage to this historical figure of the Emerald Isle, the man and holiday associated with shamrocks and pub crawls? St. Patrick is the patron saint of Engineers, bringing Roman technology to Ireland in the form of lime mortar, clay construction and archways particularly for churches. He was handy.

More fascinating is that a few centuries later, engineering students took this concept and ran with it. On college campuses such as the Missouri University of Science and Technology and the University of Missouri you’ll find engineering students organizing and participating in spirited activities throughout the week of St. Patrick’s Day. Century-old chants and songs are bellowed from even the quietest of students. Faculty and alumni alike join in the festivities, creating new memories while cherishing the old.

Engineers use the week of St. Patrick’s Day as an opportunity to congregate and build camaraderie. At Pfefferkorn Engineering & Environmental (PE&E), we channel this spirit of camaraderie to collaborate seamlessly with other firms on large scale projects. We aren’t afraid to take on huge endeavors because we have developed strong relationships with other key firms to address all project aspects. Contact us to collaborate on your next project today.

Hello PE&E Readers

Pfefferkorn E2

Hello Pefferkorn Engineering and Environmental readers.  P-E2 began in December of 2015. At Pfefferkorn Engineering and Environmental we respect and value our clients and help them achieve their goals by providing custom structural and site civil engineering solutions adding value that goes beyond the price.

We are grateful for the opportunities we have. We are environmentally conscious and are dedicated to working towards sustainability.   We support a family first atmosphere and we strive to continuously improve our next generations’ future.